Advisory Services

Helping Founders Evaluate Strategic Alternatives

Krall & Co. helps you evaluate your strategic alternatives and acts as your exclusive advisor in implementing your chosen course of action.

  • What kind of valuation could you achieve today if you were to sell your company to a strategic or financial buyer?
  • What is your company’s outlook over the next 3-5 years? What is your industry’s outlook? The economic outlook?
  • Are you likely to maximize proceeds on a present value basis by exiting today or by continuing to own your business for several more years?

Helping Founders Achieve Successful Exits

If you decide to sell your company, Krall & Co. will help you maximize sales proceeds.

  • Identify possible buyers and prioritize them based on deal rationale, willingness and capacity to pay, and historical behavior in the M&A marketplace.
  • Design a marketing strategy that protects your franchise.
  • Prepare a confidential presentation that describes your business.
  • Contact buyers and manage the dialogue.
  • Analyze and compare LOIs.
  • Assist during the confirmatory due diligence process.
  • Assist you and your attorney in negotiating definitive agreements.

Selling a Stake to Private Equity

If you’re choosing a financial partner and still have skin in the game, you need to choose the right one. Krall & Co. helps founders identify the right PE firm for them based on:

  • Domain expertise.
  • Value-add beyond capital.
  • Deal structure/alignment with founders.
  • Personalities of investment and operating partners.
  • Track record of successful exits.

Buy-Side Transactions

If you decide to remain independent, execute your business plan and grow through acquisitions, Krall & Co. will help you on the buy-side.

  • Develop financial models so that you can respond to opportunities as they arise.
  • Establish acquisition criteria and identify potential acquisition candidates.
  • Provide market intelligence.
  • Execute your acquisition strategy.